Health And FitnessThere is no doubt

Health And FitnessThere is no doubt

Health And Fitness

There is no doubt that physical exercises are good for all people. But the cruel reality is the fact that most women start and then interrupt the physical fitness program as often as they start and stop the engines of their own cars. Another fact which has been proven by specialists is that these women buy quite often fitness machines and just after a few weeks they interrupt the programs they started at home.

The key to a successful physical fitness program is to like what you are doing. First of all, fitness must be fun, something you are excited about and you cannot wait to start. Physical fitness is a social phenomenon in which you interact with other people who have the exact purpose as you: building a beautiful body.


This article on health and fitness is meant to help you establish your priorities and convince you to change and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Only the word “exercise” has negative connotations to some women, especially those who have to fight with obesity or have a few extra pounds. If you are part of one of these categories, start by replacing physical exercises with other activities. Try changing the way in which you perform certain daily activities into something more beneficial. The simple changes, like using the vacuum in a dynamic way, an intense walk during the lunch break or shaking the soup box before opening it will increase your blood flux and harden your muscles.

Remember not to establish too high objectives! Establishing too high goals and in a very short time can be very discouraging and you might not be able to achieve your goals. It is a fact that you will not be able to build up a great body in just a few days. The only thing you will be able to achieve is an intangible objective.

By establishing some realistic and tangible objectives, like increasing the intensity of your physical exercises or the time you allocate for your physical fitness circuit will increase the efficiency and the results will definitely start showing in no time. This way you can turn about any activity in a physical exercise. The only thing you need for that is a lot of imagination.

Among the advantages of these personalized physical activities you can count maintaining and hardening your muscles and bones, improving your self esteem, maintaining a beautiful and healthy body, improving the arterial tension and the level of cholesterol, considerably reducing stress, anxiety or depression and increasing your positive mood.

A problem of many women who practice physical fitness is that they tend to work out a certain part of their body more than they work other parts. This can create serious disorders which will generate medical problems of the bones, muscles and joints. Try to balance these exercises or activities so that you do not neglect any part of your body. You should also try to practice some aerobic at least three times a week, for at least 30 minutes.


If you are a beginner, establish a minimum program. Practice this fitness circuit for a week, and then increase the number of sessions. After another week, improve your physical fitness routine with a new exercise. And starting with the fourth week, start the physical fitness circuit all over again. If you ever feel this is too much for you, stop and change something: the order of the exercises or even the exercises you are practicing. This way you will create a program which is suitable for you and your body. I hope this health and fitness article was helpful and I wish you all the good luck in your activities!