Socialized Medicine or a new National Health Plan

Socialized Medicine or a new National Health Plan

Socialized Medicine or a new National Health Plan

Freedom is defined as the lack of intimidation or limitation in choice or action and liberation from the command of another. It is what American men and woman have surrendered their lives shielding. Even so, American leadership has created a greater burden imposing what is thought to be the most legitimate community plan. Unfortunately, this leads to Americans independence to a unhurried death as efforts are made to smother them through this new health care revolution.

One American asks How is it that one of our country''s founding documents is the Declaration of Independence and now we are allowing ourselves to affirm our reliance on our government and chief? Obama''s new health care revolution presents many benefits that Americans have never asked for nor opted to pay for. It allows governmental management to decide the rate and the outline of benefits without conferring with the actual people it would cover; not quite by the people and for the people.

The proposed community rating means that all people would have the same insurance rate regardless of lifestyle choices. No longer would the choice for a healthy existence be beneficial. A one size fits all type plan where Americans relinquish their demand for choice having no Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), Health Savings Account (HAS), nor a capitalistic economy which now exists for senior Medicare supplements. The intentions of this plan stand in question as speculation is made on Obama responding with a yes to the preliminary health questions on tobacco use.

In light of his speech to students, some might argue the need to make young people aware of the struggles they will face in their move from adolescence to adulthood. According to Forbes magazine college graduates will walk away from his or her university with a minimum of $20 thousand in dept and an annual salary of $30 thousand. In today''s economy that is not exactly a recipe for success.

Obama is asking young Americans to take ownership of his or her education and with the same breath, it seems, making a decision that will control their future. Obama will demand that young people pay more into the health care plan while making less. While older Americans will make more and pay significantly less for a program they make more use of.

Who is Obama thinking of when conveying this revolutionary health care plan? One may think of the mature and ailing patients. Unfortunately, these are not benefiting from the loss of their freedom either. When Americans give up the right to choose, they also give the right to doctors to come to a decision on which patient is more important, perhaps pushing ill patients to the back of the line since they are viewed as having nothing left to add to humanity.

Some have coined the phrase of Americans Endangered Freedoms as we slowly let government decisions cut away our sovereignty over individual life choices. This Health Care Revolution will state how Americans hard-earned income or retirement is used. It will choose the health care provider, the health care plan, the deductible paid and even the doctor seen.

Maybe in hearing this ones mind may drift to another time when a people dressed in uniforms, raised his or her right arm and declared Hail Obama? Is this the American way paved for future generations? Perhaps Americans should bestow more credit to their own minds and decide what is best for their individual needs? If not, American freedoms could become extinct.