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Medical Tourism: International Medical Tourism Free Newsletter – Transparent Borders

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Transparent Borders understands the tremendous demand in 2010 for quality healthcare information, including International Cross Border Healthcare information. In today’s uncertain economic environment, groups, governments, and especially individuals and their families are focusing daily on various issues concerning an individual’s ability to obtain quality healthcare services and affordable healthcare insurance coverage.

One of the most misunderstood and confusing areas of individual healthcare services is the area of Medical Tourism. Only two or three years ago, most individuals viewed Medical (Health) Tourism as some type of luxury - a convenient alternative for the wealthy – permitting some to combine an exotic vacation with a simple elective medical procedure (i.e. cosmetic surgery). Today, Medical Tourism is begining to move to the forefront of possible International Healthcare Options. For years, Business and Student Travelers, as well as International Expatriates, have been utilizing International Medical Tourism (sometimes by accident - falling on a trip, and other times on purpose - seeking medical attention while living abroad) as their only International Healthcare option.

Medical Tourism or Health Tourism generally describes the rapidly-growing practice of traveling across international borders to obtain quality medical care. In today’s uncertain healthcare environment, Medical (Health) Tourism is not restricted to physically travelling across international borders. It sometimes refers to travelling across State lines (United States) or between Provinces (Various Countries) to obtain quality healthcare procedures. In addition, an increasing number of people are also showing interest in the practice of Virtual Medical (Health) Tourism (i.e., Tele-radiology).

Transparent Borders is firmly committed to taking the mystery out of Medical (Health) Tourism. Our diversified International Cross Border Healthcare experiences combined with the willingness to provide all interested parties a simple method for obtaining current and reliable Medical (Health) Tourism information, provides us the opportunity to publish a Free quarterly Medical (Health) Tourism Newsletter.

Be part of the Cross Border Healthcare journey with us! The goal of our quarterly Medical Tourism newsletter is to unravel the overwhelming complexities concerning quality Cross Border Healthcare. Whether you are interested in the differences between Physical and Virtual Medical (Health) Tourism, or simply looking to obtain reliable information concerning international cross border healthcare regulations, potential risk factors, country specific cost reviews or new international quality initiatives, our Medical Tourism Newsletter can provide you with valuable insights.

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